What are you willing to die for? In the eighties, his parents risked their lives for freedom and justice. But what can Soran Ismail, an out of shape 29-year-old who’s afraid of conflicts, contribute with? Absolutely Swedish – An ID document is about identity and intolerance in one of the world’s most tolerant countries.

Soran grew up in Knivsta, a middle class town where others were born in Sweden by Swedish parents. From an early age he learned that racism was part of everyday life and though all he wanted was to belong unconditionally, he never stopped getting questions around his ethnic and national identities – was he Swedish or was he Kurdish?

In the book, Soran travels to the Iraqi part of Kurdistan, the region his parents once fled from. With the Islamic state just a couple of hundred yards away – robbing, raping and killing, he is questioning his own life and what he is really living for.  The book, which is a continuation and deepening of the internationally acclaimed television series Absolutely Swedish, places questions about identity – who one is and what it really matters anyway.

Absolutely Swedish – An ID document, blends humor with deep thoughts signed one of Sweden’s biggest comedian. There are stories of identity and tolerance, from growing up in Knivsta to the edge of a mass grave in Kurdistan.